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About Piezobrush PZ2/PZ2-i Handheld Plasma Surface Treatment

Plasma surface treatment can improve adhesion, wetting, and cleanliness of surfaces. The Piezobrush PZ2 introduces the benefits of plasma surface treatment into a convenient and lightweight handheld format, or in a semi-automatable or automatable robot mountable format (see Piezobrush PZ2-i below). Using Piezoelectric Direct Discharge (PDD®) Technology, which has been specially developed by Relyon Plasma, the device transforms low input voltage into high electric field strengths, dissociating and ionizing the ambient process gas (typically air).

“The PZ2 plasma treating unit is really effective and easy to use. We are very happy with it. Makes a real difference. We could not do without it.” – Ben, Videojet Technologies

Developed for end user-friendliness, the  Piezobrush PZ2 requires no specialist technical knowledge and no complex infrastructure. It is ready to use, just plug in and get started – no need for an external gas supply. Inert gas input is optional with the multi-gas nozzle. See the Nozzles tab below for more information.

The Piezobrush PZ2 has a low operating temperature as it uses “cold plasma”, meaning that it can be used to treat temperature-sensitive substrates.

Piezobrush PZ2-i Plasma Surface Treatment Tool for Automation
This surface treatment technology is also available in a robot mountable version for semi-automated or automated processes. The PZ2-i combines the effectiveness of plasma surface activation with the improved productivity and repeatability of using a robot to automate a process. See our range of robots for more information. The PZ2-i requires compressed air or an external gas supply to operate.


Features & Benefits

  • Improves adhesion & wetting of surfaces
  • Convenient and lightweight handheld format option
  • Robot mountable option for improving productivity and repeatability
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Uses “cold plasma”, so can be used to treat temperature-sensitive substrates
  • Interchangeable nozzles for different substrates
  • Compatible with an external gas supply


Piezobrush PZ2 and PZ2-i Plasma Surface Treatment System

The Piezobrush PZ2 and Piezobrush PZ2-i are ideal for use in research and development settings such as a laboratory, and can also be utilised for small production lines.

  • Medical
    Filters, cell wells, test tubes, catheters, syringes, petri-dishes, needle hubs, lenses
  • Automotive
    Fuse covers, engine parts, air bag covers, rubber profiles, tubing, headlights
  • Electronics
    Cable, switches, polyester pcb’s, housings & enclosures, screens
  • Consumer
    Irons, blenders, shakers, measuring containers
  • Food, cosmetics & drug
    Bottles, caps, jars, tubes
  • Professional model making
    Preparing materials such as glass, GRP, ABS and other synthetic materials for bonding

The Piezobrush also allows simple germ reduction on a great variety of surfaces such as glass, plastics or metals and thus provides excellent support in effecting processes in the field of microbiology, medicine, microfluidics or food engineering.


Piezobrush PZ2 Specification  
Electrical connection 110 – 240 V/50 – 60 Hz 15 V DC
Power requirement max. 30 W
Weight 170 g
Plasma temperature < 50 °C
Typical treatment distance 5 –10 mm
Typical treatment width 5 – 20 mm
Piezobrush PZ2-i Specification  
Electrical connection 110 – 240 V/50 – 60 Hz 15 V DC
Power requirement max. 30 W
Weight 180 g
Plasma temperature < 50 °C
Typical treatment distance 2 – 10 mm
Typical treatment width 5 – 20 mm


There are 3 types of nozzle available, compatible with both the Piezobrush PZ2 and Piezobrush PZ2-i. These nozzles help to optimise surface activation across varying substrates:

piezobrush pz2 standard nozzle Standard Nozzle
Included with the PZ2 as standard. This nozzle is suitable for most tasks including non-conductive substrates.
piezobrush pz2 nearfield nozzle Nearfield Nozzle
This nozzle is most suitable for conductive substrates such as metals and conductive polymers.
piezobrush pz2 multigas needle nozzle Multi-gas & Needle Nozzle
This nozzle is designed for use with inert gas from an external gas supply, e.g. helium. The gas connection component can be removed to allow the nozzle to be used as a needle nozzle for more precise surface activation.

Read more about these nozzles on our blog: Challenging surface activation applications met by the Piezobrush PZ2.

Other Information

Find out more about the technology behind the PZ2 by reading our technical bulletins and white papers:

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
Relyon Plasma brochure 4.21MB
Whitepaper: Plasma Technology for Surface Cleaning 0.31MB

Ordering Information

Part number Description
REL1000280402 Relyon Plasma piezobrush PZ2 handheld plasma system, version 2
Incl. Standard nozzle, power supply and carry case
Relyon Plasma surface treatment
REL1000617200 Relyon Plasma piezobrush PZ2i for automated applications
Incl. Standard nozzle, cap rail power supply unit, connecting lead
Piezobrush PZ2-i plasma surface treament on a robot
REL1000269201 Relyon Plasma piezobrush PZ2 – standard nozzle
REL1000606801 Relyon Plasma piezobrush PZ2 – nearfield nozzle
REL1000606700 Relyon Plasma piezobrush PZ2 – multigas nozzle
REL1000606900 Relyon Plasma piezobrush PZ2 – nozzle kit, includes 1 x standard, 1 x nearfield and 1 x multi-gas nozzles


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