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About PlasmaBrush PB3 Plasma Surface Treatment System

Relyon Plasma surface treatment products improve adhesion and wetting of surfaces which are otherwise difficult to bond or print on. Plasma surface treatment is both highly efficient and environmentally friendly, and the bulk properties of the treated part are not altered. The surface does not suffer marks or discolouration.


The PlasmaBrush PB3 is designed for integration into automated manufacturing processes. The lightweight and compact head can be easily mounted on a robot. The PlasmaBrush uses air supply to operate, but can also be used with noble gases where required. Typical applications for the PlasmaBrush include:

  1. Plasmatool treated surfacePre-activation for bonding, sealing, casting or printing
  2. Coating, laminating and sealing
  3. Ultrafine cleaning
  4. Reduction of oxide layers
  5. Surface functionalization
  6. Germ reduction and sterilization

The PlasmaBrush PB3 system meets the requirements of the independent communications industrial standard CANopen®. The PS2000 power source for the PlasmaBrush can be controlled with a simple DIP switch.

A complete workstation package is available, comprising the PlasmaBrush PB3 mounted on a robot with enclosure and extraction unit.

For more information on how plasma surface treatment can improve bonding, watch our video on YouTube.

CANopen® is a registered trademark of CAN in Automation (CiA) GmbH.

Features & Benefits

plasmatool metal treatment

  • Improves adhesion & wetting
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Head can be easily mounted on a robot


  1. Medical
    Plasmabrush PB3 Workstation
    Plasmabrush PB3 Workstation

    Filters, cell wells, test tubes, catheters, syringes, petri-dishes, needle hubs, lenses

  2. Automotive
    Fuse covers, engine parts, air bag covers, rubber profiles, tubing, headlights
  3. Electronics
    Cable, switches, polyester pcb’s, housings & enclosures, screens
  4. Consumer
    Irons, blenders, shakers, measuring containers
  5. Food, cosmetics & drug
    Bottles, caps, jars, tubes


Relyon Plasma systems can be incorporated into existing or new production lines, and supplied as semi to fully automated systems or as a stand alone workstation.

Other Information

Find out more about the technology behind the PB3 by reading our technical bulletins and white papers:

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
Relyon Plasma brochure 4.21MB
Whitepaper: Plasma Technology for Surface Cleaning 0.31MB
PlasmaBrush PB3 brochure 1.31MB

Ordering Information

Part number Description
REL78879101 Relyon Plasma PlasmaBrush PB3 – plasma generator PG-31 with 1m cable
REL78879601 Relyon Plasma PlasmaBrush PB3 – generator connecting cable, HVC high voltage, 9m
REL79120002 Relyon Plasma PlasmaBrush PB3 – PS 2000 power source, 19″ wide with display
REL1000603600 Relyon Plasma PlasmaBrush PB3 – PS 2000 emergency stop switch
REL1000242500 Relyon Plasma PlasmaBrush PB3 – nozzle A250 for temperature-sensitive surfaces, copper
REL1000600700 Relyon Plasma PlasmaBrush PB3 – nozzle A350, middle power density, copper
REL78707200 Relyon Plasma PlasmaBrush PB3 – nozzle A450, high power density, copper
REL1000605400 Relyon Plasma PlasmaBrush PB3 – digital I/O communication package
REL1000603700 Relyon Plasma PlasmaBrush PB3 Starter Kit G – gas supply package, includes power supply, air preparation, solenoid, cables and hose


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