Precision Microdispensing Jetting Valve for Low to Medium Viscosity

Vermes MDS 3010+, Vermes MDS 3020+

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About Precision Microdispensing Jetting Valve for Low to Medium Viscosity

The VERMES MDS 3010+ and MDS 3020+ microdispensing jetting valve systems are jetting valves for precision dispensing of material in small volumes at fast speeds with extremely high accuracy and repeatability. The rising miniaturisation of individual components in production processes demand smaller beads and lines for dispensing whilst increasing production throughput, process reliability and consistent repeatability.

Based on piezoelectric fluid jetting technology, the VERMES MDS 3010+ and MDS 3020+ allow for contactless application of materials at high speed with precision at a faster dispensing rate than those of pneumatic valve technologies.

The VERMES MDS 3010+ is recommended for dispensing low viscosity materials below 300 mPas whereas the VERMES MDS 3020+ will easily dispense medium viscosity materials up to 8000 mPas in repeatable single dots or beads of ≥5 nl. Example fluids include solvents, underfillers, lacquers, glues, hot melts, silicones, solder fluxes, oils and greases. These materials can be supplied to the valve via a choice of media such as 3ml to 55ml cartridges or pressure pot and hose interface.

For the dispensing of very high viscosity materials, please see the VERMES MDS 3200+.

Specific to production requirements, components of the valves including tappets, nozzles and heating options can be customised to optimise the dispensing process of your application.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for low (up to 300mPas) to medium (up to 8,000mPas) viscosity materials
  • Reduced production times and increased throughput as a result of fast speeds: frequency >3,000Hz
  • Multiple customisable configurations using interchangeable parts such as nozzle heating
  • Dispense failure or stoppages are trackable with built in real time in the MDC 3090+ controller
  • Easy cleaning process reduces downtime of equipment


Some examples of applications that could benefit from using a micro dispensing valve system include:

  1. Life sciences, medical diagnostics and pharmaceuticalVERMES MDV 3010+ microdispensing jetting valve
    • Water based cell and protein solutions
  2. Electronics, semiconductors
    • UV adhesives, cyanoacrylates , conductive adhesives
    • Flip chip advanced packaging
  3. Watch manufacturing and precision mechanics
    • Synthetic oils, greases, adhesives
    • Bearing and shaft journals
  4. Renewable energy
    • Solder paste, edge/frame sealing, coatings, grease
  5. Research & Universities
  6. Data tracking
    • RFID tags, antennas
  7. Automotive
    • Anaerobic adhesives
    • Sensors, electronic drives
  8. Consumer electronics
    • Optical display adhesives, hot melt materials
    • Mobile phones, flat-panel display and printer production
  9. Lighting and Optoelectronics
    • Silicones
    • LED production


Specification VERMES MDV 3010+ VERMES MDV 3020+
Dispensing viscosity up to 300 mPas up to 8,000 mPas
Dimensions 103 mm H x 39.5 mm W x 10 mm D
Minimum dispensing quantity 5 nl per pulse (depending on medium)
Minimum droplet diameter 300 μm (depending on medium)
Supply pressure 0.1 – 8 bar (rel.) maximum: 30 bar
Maximum frequency >3,000 Hz
Optional heating system Regulated nozzle heating: 180°C, higher upon request


The VERMES MDS 3010+ and MDS 3020+ micro dispensing valve systems include the valve and its corresponding controller the VERMES MDC 3090+.

MDC 3090+ Controller
  1. Flexible adjustable parameter settings
  2. Allows for fast valve opening and closing – increasing productivity
  3. Built in real time clock tracks failure and unintentional stoppages
VERMES MDC 3090+ controller
Specification MDC 3090+ Controller
Dimensions 128 mm H x 102 mm W x 173 mm D
Power connection 110/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz power socket (back side)
Memory for parameter sets Internal: 10; External: unlimited
Valve operating modes Burst Mode: predefined burst after trigger signal
Single Shot Mode: path length dependent triggering
Infinite Mode: number of shots controlled by external trigger
External Mode: application controlled definable drop volume setting

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