IJF VD510 Diaphragm Dispensing Valve for Adhesives, CAs, Inks and Low to Medium Viscosity Liquids

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About IJF VD510 Diaphragm Dispensing Valve

The IJF VD510 Diaphragm Dispensing Valve is designed for precise flow control of low to medium viscosity liquids. The diaphragm separates the wetted parts from the air supply and therefore it is ideal for dispensing cyanoacrylates, reagents, UV/light curing adhesives, paints, inks, solvents, glues, electrolytes, alcohol and other volatile substances.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for dispensing low to medium viscosity materials such as acids, adhesives, UV adhesives, solvents, alcohol, cyanoacrylates, reagents, inks, lubricants and more
  • Suitable for dispensing hazardous materials
  • Stroke adjustment feature provides shot size control allowing for the ability to dispense dots, beads, micro dots, micro beads and for potting/filling
  • Minimum shot size 0.001ml
  • High cycle rate of 500 shots a minute
  • Separated wetted parts
  • Ideal for machine integration


Operating air pressure 60-90 psi
Maximum fluid pressure 5.0kg/cm2
Cycle rate 500 cycles per minute
Flow rate 0.3 litres/min
Minimum shot size 0.001ml (material dependent)
Valve weight 76g
Driving part materials Body: Al (hard coated, black)
Piston: SUS303
Piston Seal: natural butyl rubber
Wetted part materials Valve head: UHMW Polyethylene
Diaphragm: UHMW Polyethylene
Connecting ports Operating air inlet: M5xP0.8
Material inlet: 1/8″ NPT
Material outlet: luer lock


The valve is opened by an air pressure pulse supplied by a valve controller (e.g. FIS DC100 precision dispensing controller). A heavy-duty spring assists the diaphragm to quickly return to its closed state for immediate shut-off. The IJF VD510 is recommended for high frequency micro shot deposits. Shot sizes may be fine tuned by turning an adjustment control at the top of the valve.

IJF DV510 diaphragm dispensing valve diagram

Ordering Information

Part number Description
IJFVD510 Diaphragm valve
IJFVD510-UV Diaphragm valve – black – fully opaque for light sensitive materials
IJFVD510-SS Diaphragm valve – stainless steel construction
FISVD510-RK Diaphragm valve repair kit
FISVD510-UV-RK Diaphragm valve (black for UV blocking) repair kit
IJFVD510-5 Replacement diaphragm
IJFVD510-5-BLACK Replacement diaphragm (black) for UV blocking


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