Dispensing System for Low Viscosity Materials from 50ml Two-Part Cartridges

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About Dispensing System for Low Viscosity Materials from 50ml Two-Part Cartridges

Consisting of a FIS 710PTLF Pinch Tube Dispensing Value, FIS DTD50 Cartridge Dispenser and FIS DC100 Dispensing Controller, this set-up is suitable for dispensing low to semi-viscous materials from two-part, pre-packaged cartridges, such as Born2Bond’s line of industrial cyanoacrylate adhesives.

By integrating a pinch tube valve into this dispensing set-up, materials which may have ordinarily ‘run on’ after dispensing are controlled, enabling a precise and mess-free process to be carried out.

Both the valve and cartridge dispenser are activated via a foot pedal operated dispensing controller. By linking all components in this way, operators can easily start and stop a dispensing application, reducing the risks of part rejects and material wastage.

For even greater accuracy and repeatability, this setup can also be mounted onto a Benchtop Dispensing Robot.

Features & Benefits

  • Controllable dosing
  • Less mess during dispensing applications
  • Suitable for low viscosity fluids such as two-part epoxies and cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • System fits easily onto a benchtop
  • Improved productivity through reduced rejects and wasted material
  • Simple to use and maintain


Dispensing applications for low to semi-viscous adhesives, such as:

  • cyanoacrylates
  • methacrylates
  • epoxies
  • polyurethanes

Ordering Information

Part number Description
FISDC100 DC100 digital liquid dispenser
FISDTD50 50ml Cartridge Dispenser
FIS710PTLF Pinch Tube Dispensing Valve


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