310ml Cartridge Dispensing Guns – Silicone, Sealant Application

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About 310ml Cartridge Dispensing Guns – Silicone, Sealant Application

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IDM Pneumatic 310ml Cartridge Dispensing Guns are professional grade air dispensing guns designed for use with 310ml cartridges. 310ml cartridges are commonly used to supply silicones, adhesives, sealants and other single part materials.

Effortless to operate with minimal trigger pressure, these guns provide great benefits over manual ones. Adhesive/sealant flow is smooth and continuous, providing fast, consistent results and improved productivity.

IDM KT020219-1 310ml Cartridge Dispensing Gun
A lightweight and ergonomically formed applicator which is balanced for comfort and ease of use, it works by pressing the back edge of the cartridge against a rubber seal, and feeding compressed air directly into the rear of the 310ml cartridge. Light duty pneumatic applicator for 310ml cartridges, is suitable for most low-medium viscosity materials. A compact unit (good for tight spaces) with a 6.8bar (100psi) integral regulator. Quiet in operation, it has a glass reinforced nylon handle and anodised aluminium barrel for less weight but long life. Empty weight is 600g.

Cartridge gun

IDM AL020219-PFTA Cartridge Gun
Works by air controlled piston rod, thus preventing compressed air getting into the sealant/adhesive. Ideal for materials which are adversely affected by air, or for higher pressures.

IDM AL020219-PFTA and Wacker Cartridge

INTERTRONICS can integrate these Cartridge Guns onto robots or other dispensing systems, by removing the gun handles and providing appropriate connections, tooling and fixtures

Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Lightweight for prolonged use
  • Effortless application of sealants and silicones
  • Precise control with the built-in regulator to set speed
  • Inbuilt air regulator provides smooth consistent flow of sealants
  • High volume trigger valve in handle
  • Quick exhaust valve, stops flow and reduces to a minimum sealant/adhesive over extrusion
  • Integral pressure regulator, accurately controls speed of flow
  • Lightweight aluminium and high-grade plastic construction
  • High flow rate, even for high viscosity materials

Ordering Information

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310ml Cartridge Dispensing Gun
Click here to buy on intertronics.shop
310ml Cartridge Dispensing Gun with Piston
FIS5601390 Luer Lock Tip Adapter allows the use of luer lock dispensing needles


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