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About Brush Dispensing Tips

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Brush dispensing tips are used for the spreading of adhesives, greases, oils and other materials. These industrial grade dispensing brushes come in hard and soft bristle options and a range of diameters with round and flat styles according to application requirements. They have a tapered design to improve fluid flow. They are silicone free and can operate with a maximum input pressure of 100psi.

This range is BSE/TSE compliant making these brush tips suitable for the demands of the medical device manufacturing industry.

All of our dispensing tips have the standard luer fitting, so are suitable for use with our dispensing barrels and manual syringes, as well as most other dispensing barrels and syringes on the market.

Features & Benefits

  • For spreading adhesives, oils, greases and other materials in dispensing applications
  • Can be used in manual and automated processes
  • Available in hard and soft bristle options
  • Available in flat and round styles
  • Silicone free
  • BSE/TSE compliant – suitable for the medical device industry
  • Threaded luer lock fittings for universal compatibility


Brush dispensing tips
· White nylon bristles
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FIS BT2710F Brush Tip
Part number Gauge Qty Dimensions
FISBT2102R-1 21 1 2mm round
FISBT2702R-1 27 1 2mm round
FISBT1405R-1 14 1 5mm round
FISBT2105R-1 21 1 5mm round
FISBT2705R-1 27 1 5mm round
FISBT1410F-1 14 1 10mm flat
FISBT2110F-1 21 1 10mm flat
FISBT2710F-1 27 1 10mm flat
FISBT-SEL-KIT Contains 1 each of the above 8 brush tips
Brush dispensing tips selection pack
Brush dispensing tips
· Hard or soft bristle tip styles
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FIS 5601310 Brush tip
Part number Hub colour Brush Length Gauge Qty Dimensions Style
FIS5701309 Tangerine 9mm 15 1 3mm round Soft
FIS5601310 Tangerine 9mm 15 1 3mm round Hard

Other Information

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