Dymax 1045-M medical device adhesive was specifically formulated for the assembly of glass pre-fillable syringes, pen injectors, auto injectors, wearable injectors, and single-use devices. This very low extractables adhesive provides strong bonds that withstand the harsh cleaning and sterilisation processes pre-filled syringes undergo. Dymax 1045-M is also optimised to cure with LED UV light, providing higher intensity cures in a shorter time with less heat generation.

Dymax 1045-M is one part and has no solvents added for an eco-friendly alternative to solvent- or epoxy-based adhesives. In addition, the product’s low 475 cps viscosity flows easily into components in 10 seconds versus the current 30+ second of commonly used alternatives. The material cures tack-free with UV/broad spectrum light and is LED-curable at 365 nm in five seconds for faster, environmentally friendly processing. This low-shrinkage adhesive exhibits a glass-like cure surface, resists yellowing, and withstands autoclave cleaning and Gamma and ETO sterilization methods.

Dymax have a nice explainer video:

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