In an automatic dispensing application, the tooling for both the target workpiece and the dispensing needle are critical to positional accuracy. Even with the best set up, the dispensing needle or nozzle can move relative to the original position from which the programming was generated. This can readily occur if dispensing direct from a syringe barrel or cartridge, which will need to be replaced with a full one when empty. A similar shift can happen when the dispensing needle itself is replaced. Occasionally, dispensing needles may get slightly bent during handling, cleaning or machine set-up. These displacements may not be very large, but it can be in any x, y and/or z axis, and might be enough to influence the quality of your material application.

To address these variations, we offer two Dispensing Tip Alignment Kits for Fisnar dispensing robots – a mechanical version, and an automatic one. By using a dispensing tip alignment module, you can achieve fast and reliable tip alignment, meaning less downtime between material or needle changes.

The FISTA360U-KIT Mechanical Tip Alignment Kit allows the dispensing hardware mounted on the robot to be mechanically adjusted in the x, y & z axes using adjustment screws. The dispense tip is quickly and easily adjusted by re-aligning it to a known location which is set in the robot program. Re-alignment can be carried out independently to the program and adjustments can be easily made by users not trained in robot programming, as integrated into operator instructions. The FISTA360U-KIT Mechanical Tip Alignment Kit is suitable for all Fisnar robots.

FISTA360U-KIT Robotic Tip Alignment Kit

The Fisnar TA360U-KIT Tip Alignment Kit

When the FIS4000AKIT Tip Alignment Module is installed, it runs as a function on the robot that detects the dispensing tip centre point and then automatically offsets the program in all axes based on the new dispense tip position. It is suitable for when a higher level of assurance is required, or when material and needle changes are frequent.

Dispensing tip alignment modules improve dispensing precision, resulting in fewer rejects, less downtime, and better productivity.

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