We were delighted to offer two students from Gosford Hill School the opportunity to come and complete their work experience here at Intertronics. During their week with us, Jake and Kian spent time with a representative from each of our teams. This allowed them to experience a variety of functions within the business, from accounting to picking and packing in the warehouse.

As we were keen to engage the pupils in our work, we set them a project to produce a video for our customers. The purpose of the video was to communicate the benefits of our customer technical trials, a service which invites our clients to test our products in a proof of concept experience.

Jake and Kian started their task by doing research. As well as gathering information on customer trials from both the technical and the sales teams, they also spent time analysing a range of corporate videos to plan how they wanted to their finished piece to look. They then worked with the marketing team to storyboard their ideas, and proceeded to assemble footage and text to illustrate their messages.

By the end of the week, our young apprentices had not only created a video that explains how our customer trials work, but they had also produced a presentation clearly detailing how they could go about promoting the video. Some great ideas including social media distribution, leaflets to businesses and our favourite – car magnets! To complete their work experience, Jake and Kian delivered a confident pitch to the technical and marketing teams, explaining how their project met the requirements of the brief and answering any questions on their process.
Work Experience

We were so impressed with their ideas and all of the hard work they put into this project, that we have decided to use their video (with just a few minor revisions) to promote customer proof of concept trials. Watch this space!

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