Linseed oil is a “drying oil”; the oil hardens through a chemical reaction in which the components crosslink, and hence polymerise into a solid form. The addition of pigments to the oil makes paint, and this technique has been used since the Middle Ages, even in fine art. Today, linseed oil paints are used for a variety of applications, both internally and externally. They are hard wearing and solvent free, and have a certain amount of eco-friendliness.

The “drying” or curing mechanism depends on oxygen, and this curing is enhanced or accelerated by UV light, whether naturally occurring or from a UV lamp. Linseed oil paints cure quite quickly on warm, dry, sunny days – if the weather is against you, then it is possible to speed up the cure using a UV lamp.

IUV 400 UV Curing Flood Lamp mounting bracket

We have been able to help a number of customers to speed up the cure of linseed oil paints by using an IUV 400 UV Curing Flood Lamp. It has a built in filter to get rid of the more hazardous shorter wave UV light, and can be hand held or mounted on a stand. We normally have them in stock for immediate delivery, so contact us next time the clouds come over.

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