Gantry robots provide the reliability of precisely positioned dispensing for conveyor operations requiring a Cartesian gantry robot, or for bench applications that require XYZ movement above the work. These robots can increase your production output and product quality with consistent results on every piece. With simple, fully-supported implementation from our Technical Team here at Intertronics you will be able to get started quickly and easily set up the robot for one push-button operation.

Fisnar F9000 series robots are high power, servo driven, gantry and cantilever style, and are available as three- and four-axis designs. These gantry dispensing robots have high repeatability with a resolution of 0.01mm. The standard range is available with working areas up to 800mm x 600mm, but we can provide robots with larger working areas as per your requirements, up to 7000mm x 7000mm. One of our customers is about to take delivery of a 2000 x 800 x 200mm gantry robot, and we have previously supplied a robot which dispenses sealant onto full-sized domestic doors.

Our customers have used gantry robots for many different dispensing applications, including adhesive onto batches of medical devices, and silicone gaskets around large lighting installations, among others.

We can provide full integration services, including robotic dispensing systems with enclosures delivered to your specifications, or integrating the robots with other equipment. The robots are easy to use – you create programs for the robot using a teach pendant which saves them to memory, so operators only have to push a button to get started. Our integration team train you and your operators so that all users are confident and capable.

Contact our product specialists to discuss whether gantry robots can boost your production and provide a solid return on investment.

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