Flexible electrically conductive adhesive for smart cardsWe are witnessing the widespread adoption of contactless cards for payments, rather than the hitherto main applications of access control and ID. The key to the reliability and longevity of these dual interface smart cards is the effectiveness of the electrical connection between contact chip and RFID antenna.

One solution is Polytec PT’s PU 1000, a flexible electrically conductive adhesive which provides good adhesion to the card substrate, antenna and chip module whilst featuring the flexibility to cope with tough everyday handling.

A single component material, Polytec PT PU 1000 is easy to dispense, and is readily integrated into the chip embedding process. It can be cured in one step together with thermosetting of the hotmelt adhesive used to attach the chip module. It is stored and handled at room temperature, so no need for freezers or fridges. It cures in minutes at room temperature, although this is accelerated by the application of heat.

This electrically conductive polyurethane dispersion shows great mechanical and chemical stability, and excellent adhesion on metals, plastics and all porous surfaces. It finds applications where the unique combination of simple processing, flexibility and electrical conductivity can enable all kinds of new technology.