The Dymax white paper Ensuring Success When Switching from Conventional Lamp to LED Light Curing Sources discusses topics such as how LED curing works, the advantages of LED curing, and getting enough information to switch successfully. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, continue to gain popularity as a replacement for traditional light bulbs, not only in homes and public buildings, but also for use with light-curable materials (LCMs). Because of the differences in the technology, making the switch from broad spectrum to LED-curing energy sources is seldom a matter of simply replacing conventional lamps with LED units.

Switching to an LED system depends on careful consideration of all the factors involved, from the material to the curing unit selected for the application. With attention to detail and proper compatibility of all components, along with sufficient adjustments to manufacturing processes, it is possible to achieve a successful transition to LED light-cure technology.

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Ensuring Success When Switching from Conventional Lamp to LED Light-Curing Sources