adhere academyPlease come to our seminar next week, Wednesday 9 September, entitled The Art and Science of Choosing a Structural Adhesive.

We’ll be talking about how to choose the best adhesives, from the increasing number of structural adhesives on the market, to evaluate for your application. Starting with design and working through production and processing considerations, we will discuss the various factors which will influence your decision, and how to develop a specification based on necessary priorities and allowable compromises. Though there is no universal adhesive which works for everything, the seminar will equip you to select adhesives by understanding what questions to ask and to whom, the different types of adhesives and chemistries, weighing up performance versus manufacturability, and deciding what your bonding priorities are for your production process.


The seminar takes place within the FAST Exhibition, held at the Williams F1 Conference Centre in Grove, Oxfordshire. Entry is free, but by pre-registration only, so book your attendance and your seminar place at the same time.