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The Autotube Dispensing System was designed to dispense any liquids, pastes, greases, silicones or similar liquids directly from their collapsible “toothpaste” tube. It minimises messy transfer of material as well as air bubbles and contamination, and provides dispensing control and accuracy. The Autotube addresses the waste issues and discomfort which result when dispensing from collapsible tubes.

Autotube Collapsible Tube Dispenser

In this system, an adapter and cartridge are attached to the collapsible material tube, which is then placed into a cartridge retainer. The retainer is pressurised and controlled by pressure dispenser for even and controlled material output. The cartridge retainer can be supported in a gun handle with a trigger switch to actuate the pressure dispenser, or mounted on a stand and activated using a foot switch.

Collapsible toothpaste-type tubes

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates waste
  • Avoids material contamination
  • Improves operator safety
  • Prevents tube damage
  • Stops messy material transfers
  • Alleviates air bubbles

Selector Guide

IJF ATD-100C Autotube Dispensing System with 6 oz cartridge for 100g tubes
IJF ATD-200C Autotube Dispensing System with 8 oz cartridge for 200g tubes
Recommended pressure dispenser
FIS SL101N Digital Liquid Dispenser
Standard components
Part Number Description IJF ATD-100C System IJF ATD-200C System
IJF 560059 Connecting hose Excellent Excellent
IJF 560062 6oz Cartridge Excellent
IJF 560517 8oz Cartridge Excellent
IJF 560068A 6oz Cartridge retainer Excellent
IJF 560520A 8oz Cartridge retainer Excellent
FIS 5601376 Retainer cap Excellent Excellent
IJF 560545 Male luer lock tip adapter Excellent Excellent
IJF 880001-A Adapter “A” Excellent Excellent
IJF 880001-B Adapter “B” Excellent Excellent
IJF 880001-C Adapter “C” Excellent Excellent
IJF 880001-D Adapter “D” Excellent Excellent
IJF 880001-Blank Adapter blank Excellent Excellent

Ordering Information

IJF880001-BLANK Autotube adaptor
IJF880001-BLANK Autotube adaptor

Determine which size cartridge is needed to hold your collapsible tube. Order an IJF ATD-100C or IJF ATD-200C system as appropriate. Each system comes with four Adapters (IJF 880001-A, -B, -C, -D), one of which should thread onto the collapsible tube. These adapters cover most of the common sizes; however, if one of these four does not fit, then an Adapter Blank (IJF 880001-Blank) is supplied which can be machined to suit.

If in any doubt, we recommend that you supply us with a sample of the collapsible tube for us to determine if the Autotube Dispensing System is suitable.

The Autotube Dispensing System is controlled by a pressure dispenser. We recommend the use of an FIS SL101N Digital Liquid Dispenser. An IJF 560545 Luer lock tip adapter is fitted to allow the use of standard dispensing needles.

  • Last updated: October 2017
  • Version: 6.0

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