The Araldite 2000+ range of structural adhesives can be used under a broad spectrum of processing and curing conditions and can meet the most demanding performance requirements … providing a complete solution to structural bonding.

Rewind to 1983, and does anybody remember the highly impressive advertisement by Araldite – where a yellow Ford Cortina was glued to a billboard on London’s Cromwell Road with the headline “It also sticks handles to teapots”? Later, a red Cortina was placed on top of the yellow one and the headline changed to “The tension mounts”. Finally the car was removed from the billboard leaving a gaping hole. This time the headline cleverly read “How did we pull it off?”.

At INTERTRONICS we don’t sell Araldite for the purpose of sticking handles to teapots, but you get the idea!

 Araldite Structural Bonding

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