Recently, we updated our website with an enhanced version of the comprehensive Dymax Selector Guide on MD® Adhesives for Medical Device Assembly. This valuable tool contains a number of charts intended to help R&D engineers and product designers choose the appropriate adhesive for their application. All Dymax MD® Adhesives are biocompatibility tested in accordance with ISO 10993 and/or USP Class VI.

Pages are devoted to specific adhesives for the assembly of catheters and guidewires, injection needles and syringes and respiratory devices. Recently developed products incorporating new technologies such as See-Cure and Ultra-Red fluorescing have been integrated into the guide together with charts, photos and technical information which are presented to simplify and shorten the adhesive selection process and to explain the new technologies.

For the designer with a new or unique disposable-device application, the multi-purpose bonding charts quickly show the range of products available, their technical data, and the various substrates to which they adhere. Most products shown bond well to a number of plastic substrates (including those which are more specialist to the medical field), as well as to dissimilar substrates such as metal, glass and ceramic. While most formulations cure instantly upon exposure to UV/visible light, the line of MEDI-CURE® 222 Series Cyanoacrylates is offered for bonding opaque substrates and for applications where aggressive adhesion to rubber is needed.

On the last page of the guide is a selection of curing and related equipment built to optimize both performance and cost savings. Our Application Engineers can help you match the resin to the appropriate equipment as an aid to simplifying assembly process development and validation.

DYMAX Medical Device Adhesives