Dyson relies on Araldite® 2000 PLUS adhesives in its leading-edge vacuum cleaners and hand dryers.

In Dyson vacuums, which use Cyclone Technology™ to separate dirt and dust from the air using high centrifugal forces, Araldite adhesives bond together core parts of the cyclone system that gives Dyson vacuums their superior cleaning power. Having tested Araldite adhesives in some of the most demanding performance trials, Dyson is now using them in its Airblade™ dryer — the fastest, most hygienic and energy-efficient hand dryer on the market.

For the Dyson team, the shape and form of a product should naturally follow on from function. This can mean complex design and manufacturing processes, so adhesives like Araldite, with a bonding solution for almost every sort of engineering plastic in use today, provide the perfect solution for bringing unusual, highly innovative and effective products to life.

Araldite 2021 is a two-component, methacrylate adhesive that ensures bonded parts maintain their strength at operating temperatures and displays excellent adhesion on various thermoset and thermoplastic materials. Araldite 2022 is a two-component, toughened adhesive system based on methacrylate chemistry with a longer open time. Both products are ideal for bonding thermoplastics, like PVC, polycarbonate, and ABS, as well as stainless steel and aluminum materials.

Araldite Adhesives with Dyson

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