That is the question which was asked recently by our Sales Partners Dymax, in an advertisement introducing a new product in their range of adhesives for disposable medical devices, Dymax MD® 1161-M.

DYMAX 1161-M Medical Device Adhesive

The text is possibly too small to read in this reproduction for the blog, but it goes like this:

Design engineers strive to use materials that offer the absolute best performance in their medical devices. Unfortunately, this can create assembly challenges in their manufacturing process. The bonding options for various combinations of dissimilar substrates such as polycarbonate, stainless steel, PVC and polyurethane are limited and typically require the use of multiple adhesives or assembly methods.

DYMAX MD® light curing adhesive 1161-M provides a single solution for all these combinations. 1161-M permits engineers to use the best performing materials for their product designs and at the same time, optimize their assembly process. Discover a Better Assembly Solution. Discover Dymax.

We thought it was a very simple, yet very powerful message!

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