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About TechClean® Technical Cleaning Wipes

A comprehensive range of technical cleaning wipes from Techspray, for high technology cleaning applications such as cleanroom, pcb rework, polishing and maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Low lint or lint free
  • ESD safe options
  • Excellent absorption rate

Selector Guide

Part number Description Features  
TEC 2350 TechClean Wiper
General purpose lint-free wipe
Extra absorbent
Non abrasive
Lint free
Low particle generation
No chemical or thermal binders
TEC 2350 TechClean Wiper cleanroom technical cleaning wipes
TEC 2351 &
TEC 2352
TechClean Absorbwipe
For sensitive surfaces
Absorption rate 6 times its own weight
Extremely soft
Non abrasive
Good for optical equipment
Available in two sizes: 10x10cm (TEC2351) and 23x23cm (TEC2352)
TEC 2351 TechClean Absorbwipe
TEC 2355-100 TechClean Purwipe
SMT/general purpose wipe
100% polyester wipe
Ideal for SMT stencil cleaning and PCB rework
Tear resistant
TEC 2359 TechClean SMT Bluewipe
SMT/general purpose wipe
Extra absorbent
Non abrasive
Lint free
TEC 2359 TechClean SMT Blue wipe
TEC 2362 Anti-Static Wipe
ESD safe wipe
Includes DuPont’s NEGASTAT Carbon Yarn
Dissipates static electricity
Low particle generation
Continuous filament fibre
Class 100 cleanroom compatible
TEC 2362 Anti static wipe

All Downloads

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Techspray Swabs & Wipes Catalogue 0.74MB

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  • Last updated: October 2020
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