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About TechSwab Cleaning Swabs

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Techspray TechSwabsTM are precisely designed cleaning swabs, manufactured and packaged to serve various cleaning and maintenance needs. TechSwabs are manufactured in accordance with rigid specifications, using specialised materials to ensure low particle generation and solvent compatibility.

Swab tips are manufactured with a variety of quality materials to suit different tasks. Most are heat sealed onto handles to avoid contaminating residues of adhesives. Handles are fashioned from a selection of natural and man-made materials chosen for their flexibility and durability.

Foam Swabs
All foam swabs are 100 pores/inch reticulated polyurethane foam, ensuring excellent absorbency whilst minimising contamination. Affixing tip by heat seal prevents tip loss even whilst saturated with solvent. Flexible tips provide versatility, whilst rigid heads allow for more aggressive cleaning. All our Foam Swabs have an anti-static handle which is also pliable.

Cotton Swabs
All cotton swabs are tightly wrapped, pre-cleaned cotton ensuring the least amount of extractable contaminants. Wooden handles (TEC 2300, TEC 2301) offer aggressive cleaning.

Features & Benefits

  • Lint free

Cotton Swabs

Part number Tip width Handle length Handle material Anti-static handle
TEC 2301 4.8mm 127mm Wood Neutral TEC 2301 Cotton cleaning swabs
TEC 2313 3.2mm 54mm Composite Neutral  

Foam Swabs

Part number Tip width Attachment of tip Handle length Handle material
TEC 2303 4.8mm Heat sealed 131mm Polypropylene TEC 2303 Foam cleaning swabs
TEC 2306 13mm Heat sealed 102mm Polypropylene TEC 2306 Foam cleaning swabs
TEC 2307 4.8mm Heat sealed 93mm Polypropylene TEC 2307 Foam cleaning swabs

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
Techspray Swabs & Wipes Catalogue 0.74MB Download

Ordering Information

Part number Description
TEC2301-100 Single-Tip Cotton Stick (bag of 100)
TEC2301-1000 Single-Tip Cotton Stick (bag of 1000)
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Narrow-Tip Foam Swab (bag of 50)
TEC2303-1000 Narrow-Tip Foam Swab (bag of 1000)
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Super-Tip Foam Swab (bag of 50)
TEC2306-1000 Super-Tip Foam Swab (bag of 1000)
TEC2307-50 Mini-Tip Foam Swab (bag of 50)
TEC2307-1000 Mini-Tip Foam Swab (bag of 1000)
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Double-Tip Cotton Stick (bag of 30)


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