Renew™ Environmentally Safe, Non-Flammable Electronics Cleaning Products

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About Renew™ Environmentally Safe, Non-Flammable Electronics Cleaning Products

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Techspray Renew cleaners are innovative solutions that combine the best current “green” technologies to make the most powerful green cleaners on the market. All Techspray Renew electronics cleaning products are non-ozone depleting, have very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and no GWP (global warming potential). All formulas are biodegradable, with packaging that is easily recyclable and when feasible, made from recycled materials. Techspray has applied over 30 years experience in solvent cleaning to formulate products that meet regulatory standards with major ecological advantages, but no performance trade-offs. Performance is the top priority, using the best “green” solutions as they become available.

Techspray Renew cleaners do not contain RoHS restricted substances, SVHC listed substances, or halides.

The range includes Eco-Shine™ Glass & Surface Cleaner, Eco-Stencil™ Cleaner for SMT cleaning, Eco-Oven™ Cleaner. Click the tabs below to see the specifications for each product.

Features & Benefits

  • Most powerful green cleaners on the market
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Low VOCs
  • No GWP
  • Biodegradable formulas
  • Do not contain RoHS restricted substances, SVHC listed substances, or halides


TEC1505 Eco-Shine Glass & Surface Cleaner

Eco-Shine™ Glass & Surface Cleaner
Cleans glass, stainless steel, chrome, mirrors, tile, plastic, ceramic and enamel and leaves a streak-free finish. Effectively removes finger prints, light oils and other soils. Made from 100% naturally-derived and sustainable ingredients.


TEC1573 Eco-Oven Cleaner 0.95L bottle

Eco-Oven™ Cleaner
Cleans reflow ovens, wave soldering systems and associated heat exchanger systems by removing all types of flux residues (e.g. water-based, RMA, no-clean, lead-free). Used for periodic preventative maintenance to keep equipment performing at peak levels. It is fast acting and more effective than IPA for baked-on flux residues.


TEC1570 Eco-Stencil Cleaner pre-saturated wipes

Eco-Stencil™ UM Understencil & Manual Cleaner
Effectively removes all types of solder paste and uncured adhesive from screens, misprinted boards and equipment. Completely safe on stencils, squeegees and equipment surfaces. Ideal replacement for IPA cleaners, which are often prohibited because of safety and environmental restrictions on VOCs or waste disposal issues.

All Downloads

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TEC 1505 Eco-Shine™ Glass & Surface Cleaner Product Data Sheet 0.96MB Download
TEC1570 Eco-Stencil™ Cleaner Product Data Sheet 0.29MB Download
TEC1573 Eco-Oven™ Cleaner Product Data Sheet 0.22MB Download

Ordering Information

Part number Description
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Eco-Shine Glass & Surface Cleaner 0.95L bottle with trigger spray
TEC1570-100DSP Eco-Stencil Cleaner 100 x pre-saturated wipes (15cm x 20cm)
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Eco-Stencil Cleaner 0.95L bottle with trigger spray
TEC1570-4L Eco-Stencil Cleaner 3.8L bottle
TEC1573-LT Eco-Oven Cleaner 0.95L bottle with trigger spray


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