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About Stainless Steel Pressure Reservoirs for Dispensing

These Stainless Steel Pressure Reservoir Tanks, or Pressure Pots, feed bulk fluids to a variety of dispensing valves. They are designed to maintain a steady fluid pressure for most dispensing applications, offering high chemical resistance and protecting against fluid contamination and evaporation. We offer four stock sizes, from 1 litre to 10 litre capacity. There are multiple options for level sensing and detection, agitation and heater jackets.

FISFT1 stainless steel pressure reservoirs for dispensing

Each reservoir tank comes standard with one air input connection, 1/4″ NPT fitted with a pressure regulator and analogue gauge; one output connection with a safety relief valve; and one output connection, 1/4″ NPT with a 6mm compression fitting for the material feed. The working rated pressure is 0-100 psi (0.6.9 bar).

Features & Benefits

  • All wetted parts are 303/304 stainless steel
  • Suitable for cleanrooms and where contamination of material is a concern
  • Closure by stainless steel swing bolts and black plastic screw knobs
  • Viton O ring seal
  • Working rated pressure is 0-100 psi
  • Certification: ASME Section VIII-01, Div. 1; Directive 2014/68/EU Article 4 Clause 3; for group 2 liquids


Some examples of materials which can be handled by these pressure pots:

Adhesive accelerators and activators, anaerobic adhesives, conformal coatings, cyanoacrylate adhesives, electrolytes, epoxies, liquid fluxes, low viscosity greases, low viscosity silicones, inks, oils, optical dyes, lacquers, paints, primers, reagents, saline solutions, UV adhesives, water and aqueous fluids, white glue


Model Max Working Pressure (psi/bar) Capacity (L) Weight (kg) Body Inner and Outer Diameter (mm) Overall Height/Width (mm) Height Without Lid (mm)
FISFT1 100/6.9 1 2.4 100/104 225/182 145
FISFT2 100/6.9 2 3.1 100/104 360/182 280
FISFT5 100/6.9 5 5.7 148/154 406/202 326
FISFT10 100/6.9 10 15.5 200/206 484/237 380

stainless steel pressure reservoirs for dispensing drawing


Stainless steel reservoir tank for dispensing with pneumatic agitation
Stainless steel reservoir tank for dispensing with pneumatic agitation

A number of accessory options are available, including:

  • Agitation, pneumatic or electric
  • Heater jackets
  • Low-level sensing

Get in touch with our product specialists for more information on the options available for these accessories.

Ordering Information

Part number Description
FISFT1 1 litre stainless steel reservoir tank for dispensing
FISFT2 2 litre stainless steel reservoir tank for dispensing
FISFT5 5 litre stainless steel reservoir tank for dispensing
FISFT10 10 litre stainless steel reservoir tank for dispensing


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