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About Dispensing Cartridges

Cartridges & Accessories

High quality disposable plastic dispensing cartridges and nozzles provide a clean, efficient and low-cost method to meet all types of production requirements. Plungers with a wiper leading edge clean each cartridge thoroughly. Caps and plugs for both ends of the cartridge are available, making the system ideal for prepackaged materials as well as pre-mixed and frozen product handling.

Products available:

  • Cartridges
  • Plungers
  • Cartridge Caps
  • Metal Cartridge Retainers
  • Tip Adapters
  • Retainer Caps
  • Connecting Hose

Features & Benefits

  • For larger requirements than dispensing barrels or syringes
  • Can be hand-held or machine mounted
  • Six standard volumes

Cartridges, Plungers and Caps


Fisnar dispensing cartridgesCartridges are available in 2, 6, 8, 12 and 20 fluid ounce as well as 1/10 gallon (310ml or standard silicone cartridge) capacities. Each size can be used with hand held or bench mounted air powered dispensing tools or manual dispensing tools. Cartridges are moulded in either standard or low density polyethylene (HDPE or LDPE).

Natural HDPE Cartridges

Part number Volume Length (mm) Length (inch) Diameter (mm) Diameter (inch)
FIS5601364 2.5 fl oz
101.60 4.00 40.40 1.59
FIS5601365 6 fl oz
180.60 7.11 40.40 1.59
FIS5601366 8 fl oz
226.60 8.92 40.40 1.59
FIS5601367 12 fl oz
313.40 12.34 40.40 1.59
FIS5601368 1/10 gal
228.30 8.99 47.00 1.85
FIS5601369 20 fl oz
254.80 10.03 65.30 2.57


Black UV Protect HDPE Cartridges

Part number Volume Length (mm) Length (inch) Diameter (mm) Diameter (inch)
FIS5601371 6 fl oz
180.60 7.11 40.40 1.59
FIS5601375 20 fl oz
254.80 10.03 65.30 2.57


Cartridge Plunger

Use to prevent tunneling in viscous fluids and provide even pressure.

Fisnar dispensing cartridges plunger

Part number Colour Description
FIS5601354 Blue 2.5, 6, 8, 12 fl oz wiper – LDPE
FIS5601355 White 1/10 gallon wiper – LDPE
FIS5601356 Natural 20 fl oz wiper – LDPE


Cartridge Caps

Fisnar dispensing cartridges tip capFisnar dispensing cartridges capTop flange caps seal the wide brim of the cartridge and bottom caps seal the dispensing or tip end of the cartridge.

Part number Colour Description
FIS5601383 Red 2.5, 6, 8, 12 fl oz cartridge flange cap – LDPE
FIS5601388 Red Cartridge tip cap, threaded – PE – red

Other Accessories

Assembling a Cartridge into a Cartridge Retainer, with Retainer Cap and Connecting Hose

Cartridge Retainers and Retainer Caps

Fisnar full cartridge
Cartridge reservoirs are put into a retainer, which are made of heavy gauge drawn metal. They are secured and sealed by locking on a retainer cap. The retainer cap has a female quick connect fitting and a sealing ring. The retainer caps fit all retainers. A connecting hose with male quick connects joins the retainer cap to a dispenser.

Metal Cartridge Retainers
Fisnar metal dispensong cartridges retainers
Part number Cartridge Volume/Description
FIS5601379 2.5 fl oz (74ml)
FIS5601380 6 fl oz (177ml)
FIS5601381 8 fl oz (237ml)
FIS5601382 12 fl oz (355ml)
FISCR570 20 fl oz (570ml) retainer with cap (570ml)



20oz (570ml) Metal Cartridge Retainer

Fisnar CR570 20oz cartridge retainer

The FIS CR570 Cartridge Retainer allows safe, pressurised dispensing of materials such as sealants, silicones, adhesives, and pastes from 570ml cartridges, during both manual and automated applications.

Made of high-grade anodised aluminium, the FIS CR570 creates a strong seal directly onto the inside of a cartridge, allowing pressures of up to 100 psi (6.9 bar) to be used during dispensing, whilst ensuring that no air is introduced into the material.


Dispensing Cartridge Tip Adapters

Allows the fitting of standard luer lock dispensing needles.

Fisnar dispensing cartridges tip adapter whiteFisnar dispensing cartidges tip adapter metal
Part number Description
FIS5601390 Tip adapter – white polypropylene
FIS5601420 Tip adapter – metal
Dispensing Cartridge Retainer Caps
fis_retainer_cap-01 (4)
Part number Description
FIS5601376 Retainer cap with seal ring
FIS5601377 Retainer cap with regulator gauge
FIS5601378 Sealing ring only
Connecting Hose for Dispensing Cartridges

Connects the Cartridge Retainer Cap to a Dispensing Controller; there is a male quick connect at each end.

Fisnar connecting hose
Part number Description
FIS5601357 Connecting hose 5ft (152cm)

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