Micro Drill System for PCB Rework and Repair

CRC 110-4105

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About Micro Drill System for PCB Rework and Repair

This versatile Micro Drill System is ideal for milling, drilling, grinding, cutting and sanding circuit boards. Use it to remove coatings, cuts circuits, cuts leads, drills holes, and performs many other procedures using various interchangeable bits.

Unlike most hand-held tools, the Micro-Drill has a tiny, high speed DC motor in the hand piece, eliminating bothersome drive cables and giving the technician precise control.

A separate power supply keeps the hand piece lightweight and reduces fatigue.

Features & Benefits

  • Micro drill system handpieceHigh quality construction for delicate work
  • Flexible telephone-style cord eliminates bothersome drive cables
  • Quick change chuck for easy bit replacement
  • Versatile forward, reverse, and variable speeds
  • Lightweight, ergonomically designed hand piece reduces fatigue


  • Coatings removal, grinding/scraping
    Micro-Drill System and various attachments make the job of removing coatings fast and accurate.
  • Delamination/blister repair, injection method
    Micro-Drill System with sensitive control can be used to drill the precise penetrating holes needed to inject epoxy into pcb delaminated areas and blisters.
  • Baseboard repair, epoxy method
    Micro-Drill System is a versatile powerhouse and is ideal for milling, drilling, grinding, cutting and any other procedures needed to repair base pcb damage.

Ordering Information

Part number Description
CRC110-4105 Micro Drill System 120/230 VAC
CRC110-4302 Accessory Kit for Micro-Drill System
Includes: 1 x Accessory stand, 1 x Screw mandrel, 1 x Threaded mandrel, 2 x Abrading tips – rubber, 4 x Cutoff disks, 1 x Ball mill pack, 1 x Abrading tip – stone
Also available:
CRC115-6000 Ball Mill Pack, Carbide, Sizes #1/2 to #7 (8 ball mills in total)
CRC115-6001 Ball Mill, Carbide, #1, .031 Diameter
CRC115-6002 Ball Mill, Carbide, #2, .039 Diameter
CRC115-6003 Ball Mill, Carbide, #3, .047 Diameter
CRC115-6004 Ball Mill, Carbide, #4, .055 Diameter
CRC115-6005 Ball Mill, Carbide, #5, .063 Diameter
CRC115-6006 Ball Mill, Carbide, #6, .071 Diameter
CRC115-6007 Ball Mill, Carbide, #7, .083 Diameter
CRC115-6008 Ball Mill, Carbide, #8, .090 Diameter


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