Our team has been providing technical support, advice, and expertise since Intertronics began, some 40 years ago. We have been diligent in quickly answering your questions about prices, delivery, process enhancement, health and safety, and the upkeep of equipment you have bought from us years ago. During that time, you may have met some of our sales or technical people in person. They are just part of the lineup we have to keep your production moving and enhancing your productivity. It’s not just adhesive experience – our gang know about logistics, finance, marketing, quality, and many other aspects we need to be your best adhesives partner.

If you have only met through the phone, or over email, now’s your chance to find out more about who we are. Head over to our Meet the Team page. You might be surprised at the activities our weekend warriors sink their teeth into in their spare time…

Meet the Intertronics team

Do you want to come on board with us? Check our Join Our Team page!

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