Intertronics is celebrating 25 years of having John Heap as part of our team. John is our Quality and Materials Manager, responsible for keeping all of our policies and procedures in check so that we can provide a consistently high level of reliability and service to our customers and suppliers. On the rare occasions when a product falls short of its quality expectation, or we make a mistake, John oversees reparations and puts plans in place to prevent problems in the future. Recently, he was responsible for the business passing our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation audit with zero nonconformities.

John also supervises our warehouse team, and can occasionally be found in the warehouse packing boxes when we’re extra busy.

He is known in the office for his cheeky sense of humour and ninja-like ability to arrive at work undetected.

John Heap celebrates 25 years at Intertronics

John Heap celebrates 25 years at Intertronics with MD Peter Swanson

Thank you, John, for spending so much of your life keeping us on our toes and helping us to continually improve the way we do things.

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