Turning your THINKY planetary mixing machine up to 11 for a long period of time may mix most materials homogeneously, but for other, heat sensitive components, it could do more harm than good.

To enhance your process understanding and help keep those mixing speeds optimal, our partner, mixing and degassing machine manufacturer THINKY, has created the Multi-Sensor to support you in the research and development of your mixing processes.

Able to wirelessly log material temperature data during mixing, the sensor delivers a stream of reliable information, allowing you to tweak your process to create the best possible mixing conditions for your material.

ARV-310P using Multi-SensorThe THINKY Multi-Sensor with a ARV-310P mixing and degassing machine

If your mixing process could benefit from greater clarity, get in touch with our technical team to see if the THINKY Multi-Sensor could help.



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