Fisnar robot programmingOne of the great benefits of our Fisnar dispensing robots is that they can be simply user-programmed via the standard teach pendant, supplied in the box.

Fisnar robot programming is simple, with easy to understand English language instructions. Commands are followed and responses entered by the teach pendant. An LCD display prompts the user for a data input and once confirmed, automatically displays the next instruction. PTP (point to point) and CP (continuous path) motion are both fast and simple to program.

The robots typically store up to 100 programs, with up to 50,000 points per program. Alternatively, programming can be carried out from a computer with an optional Windows-based software package, allowing the importing of CAD files to aid in programming complex shapes, or the storage and retrieval of more programs.

Our YouTube video demonstrates the ease with which a dispensing pattern of dots, straight lines and arcs can be programmed via the teach pendant.

We offer full on-site training on Fisnar robot programming, as well as integration with dispensing valves, pumps and reservoirs – and safety enclosures.

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