Our technicians wanted me to source your wipes, as they are better than any wipes we have been using.

The sample IPA wipes have been approved by management – they’re over the moon with the quality and performance.

We are delighted with how happy our customers are with our cleaning wipes. Available from stock for next day delivery, you can order them today and receive them tomorrow.

Our ADH1610 and ADH1611 wipes are IPA saturated, non-woven wipes for surface preparation when cleaning and degreasing prior to bonding, coating or printing. The non-abrasive material combined with IPA solvent enables the effective removal of contaminants including flux, light oils, dirt and oxides on materials and surfaces, including plastics. They are supplied in individually wrapped packets or bulk packs for your convenience.

The ADH 1616 dry wipes can be used for absorbing workplace spills. The low linting, tear resistant wipes are absorbent and strong, and free from binders and brighteners to avoid contamination. These wipes can also be used with a cleaning agent or solvent for efficient cleaning and surface preparation.

Evaluation packs of all our wipes are readily available – just contact us to request yours today and have it on your bench to try tomorrow.

ipa cleaning wipes and dry wipes for industrial cleaning