We have two new precision dispensing tips to add to our smooth flow tapered dispensing tips range.

Responding to research conducted, the dispensing tips were developed to aid the problems associated with the increasing miniaturisation of applications. Smaller applications tend to require more precision and smaller deposit sizes of material. Some methods using conventional tips like straight blunt end metal dispensing tips in smaller applications can encounter problems of fluid backpressure and fluid dripping or drool. The two new precision tips are proven to reduce dispensing time, fluid dripping and backpressure in order to enable a more consistent dispense of smaller volumes, especially with high viscosity materials.

Available in 27 gauge and 30 gauge, these tips lend themselves particularly well to industries where miniaturisation is becoming ever prominent, such as medical device and industrial electronics manufacture. With an ID of only 0.15mm, the 30 gauge tip is also the first polymer taper dispense tip of this size to be available in the European marketplace.

For information about these tips, please contact our team.


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