IRS 2111 All-Purpose Epoxy Adhesive and IRS 2112 Fast Curing General Purpose Epoxy Adhesive are versatile and simple to use two part industrial epoxy adhesives which can be used for bonding, sealing and structural support applications. They are supplied in convenient side by side syringe cartridges for efficient mixing and application, and are supported by our technical back-up.

They are available ex-stock for next day delivery, thus enabling manufacturers to minimise their stock, get on with their production, or quickly initiate projects. They join the range of adhesives marketed under the adhere – better bonding from Intertronics brand, a portfolio of products for industrial applications.

IRS 2112 Fast Curing General Purpose Epoxy Adhesive in 50ml syringe cartridge

IRS 2111 is an excellent medium viscosity adhesive suitable for a broad range of industrial applications, with good adhesion to multiple substrates including metals, glass, wood, composites, GRP, ceramics, ferrites, stone, rubber and many thermoset plastics. It has a useful working life of about one hour, which allows for repositioning of substrates after application if necessary and an extended cure forming a resilient bond with some flexure, providing impact and chemical resistance.

IRS 2112 is a fast-curing, high viscosity adhesive, with a gel time of 4-5 minutes even in smaller mass applications and typically reaches full cure in 6-12 hours. When mixed, it has a viscosity like syrup and cures to a hard, glossy, almost-clear finish, with excellent electrical properties. It has good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including metal, glass, composites, GRP, fibre glass, ceramic, ferrite, wood, rigid plastic and many other common substrates. It can be used for structural bonding and sealing.

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