The Phoseon Firefly™ is a high performance air cooled UV LED curing system, which is available now as part of our LED adhesives and curing package.

The  Firefly is a range of compact solid state UV devices that provide high power output – in the 4W/cm2 to 8W/cm2 range with approximately 80% power and heat savings compared with mercury based lamps. They are seen as offering many advantages when curing inks, coatings and adhesives in electronics, as well as medical device and other high technology manufacturing.

The Phoseon Firefly unit is probably the most powerful of its type in the industry and offers both greater controllability and lower power usage than mercury arc lamp systems. Given their small footprint and air cooling they are exceptionally easy to engineer into relevant equipment and easy to control by an industry standard PLC interface.

The Firefly LED system features instant on/off and its cooler operating temperature makes it possible to cure on heat-sensitive substrates, with the added benefit that no ozone is produced in its operation and it is mercury-free.

These LED UV cure units complement our range of UV curable adhesives and coatings which feature full cure in seconds. These materials have seen a great increase in popularity in recent years because of their many advantages, forming high-strength environmentally resistant bonds on materials as disparate as plastics, metals, glass, electronic assemblies, medical devices, etc. Consequently we consider the Firefly range as a significant enabler in helping manufacturers to implement UV curing across a wide spread of assembly processes, from small scale pcbs to large scale automotive lamp clusters.

The Firefly LED lamps produce up to 8W/cm2 peak irradiance at 395nm with output geometries from 25x10mm up to 150x20mm. They are available now so to find out more contact us today!

Phoseon UV LED cure products are now available from Intertronics

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