Practical Components, our partner in the supply of dummy components, has introduced a display case containing a sampling of components.

The display case includes components ranging from the latest in high technology (01005s, PoPs, CVBGAs and flip chips) to standard SMT packages (PBGAs, MLFs, QFPs and TSOPs). The display case is equivalent to a CD case for portability. The case is educational, providing a quick, portable show-and-tell representation for students, coworkers, customers and vendors.

This display case contains the following sample components:

  • PoP Top Package on Package
  • PSvfBGA Bottom Package on Package
  • CVBGA Very Thin ChipArray®
  • PBGA Plastic Ball Grid Array
  • QFP Quad Flat Pack
  • LQFP Low-Profile Quad Flat Pack
  • MLF® MicroLeadFrame
  • QFPQFN Open-Molded Quad Flat Pack No Leads
  • TSOP Type I
  • Flip Chip
  • 01005 Chip Resistor
  • 0201 Chip Resistor
  • 0402 Chip Resistor
  • 0603 Chip Resistor
  • 0805 Chip Resistor
  • 1206 Chip Resistor
  • SOT23 Transistor
  • SOD80 Diode
  • TO18 Through-Hole Transistor
  • 1/4 Watt Axial Leaded Resistor

Contact our Order Fulfilment Team to purchase this really useful training aid.