PoP (Package on Package) components are designed for products such as phones, digital cameras and other mobile applications benefiting from the combination of stacked packages and small footprint technology.

This innovative component is the next step in 3-D package stacking density and everyone who wants to grow their assembly capability and qualify their process needs to be familiar with this ground-breaking technology.

We are the distributor for Practical Components, and we have a large range of Dummy PoP Components. Dummy Components are the exact mechanical equivalents of live components, but used when only the physical properties of the components are required. These components can cost as much 80% less than live components, making them ideal for testing solder processes, machine setup and other process evaluations.

Practical Dummy PoPs are identical to the live package without the expensive IC die inside. The dummy versions are made of the same materials on the same manufacturing lines and have the same size, thermal and soldering properties as the live equivalent.

We also offer test boards and kits for PoP components. The test board enables you to test the process application on the top and bottom PoP components. With daisy-chain patterns in both packages, you are able to check the continuity to guarantee the integrity of your process.

View our complete Practical Components Dummy Catalogue on-line, or download it – a full range of dummy components, test boards and training kits.