On occasion, we are asked to help customers with special dispensing requirements – something which can’t be done with off-the-shelf equipment.

The Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford were working on the generation of nonviral gene therapy formulations. They wanted a reproducible method to mix the materials from twin barrelled plastic syringes through a static mixing nozzle. We were delighted to get involved. The project has been written up in the journal BioTechniques. Called the LMD 2, the unit is a success.

In summary, we have developed a simple, practical mixing device that offers significant improvements over current production methodologies. The LMD 2 is quick, easy to use with a wide variety of reagents, and directly scalable for the production of formulations in the laboratory or in the clinic.

Our Technical Manager, Paul Whitehead, is specifically thanked in the paper for his assistance and construction of the LMD 2.
Specially designed syringe dispenser for disposable dual barrel polypropylene syringe