The new Practical Components catalogue is available on-line. It is full of the latest technology in dummy electronic components and mechanical samples as well as the “old standbys”. Look at our Pack on Package offerings starting on page 5 or the FusionQuad® on page 4, or check out our Pac Tech Flip Chips on page 26 or the Cleanliness and Residue Evaluation Test Kit on page 86.

The Practical Components catalogue is designed to help engineers quickly find the key products needed to qualify their technology, train and grow their business. This new catalogue will be of special interest to anyone involved in pcb assembly, training, soldering and surface mount technology.

In an effort to make the catalogue more green and carbon neutral, our sales partners have created a new virtual catalogue with a page flip format. As a user you benefit by being able to view on-line or off, save the complete catalogue to disk, send the complete catalogue or as little as a single page to a colleague, add your own sticky notes and add bookmarks as well as print.

According to Practical President Kevin Laphen:

Our new free virtual catalogue is organised by package type/category with each product accompanied by drawings, description, part number with both lead-free and tin-lead availability and formulations and daisy chain patterns.

Practical Dummy Components Catalogue