We have been asked about LED-based curing lamps for some years. The advantages which have resulted from the recognisable use of LEDs in traffic lights and car headlamps may also be true for industrial curing applications. LED outputs are consistent and have good longevity – and their use usually saves money.

However, the technology has been difficult to adapt to UV curing, for a lot of reasons – wavelengths, bandwidth and heat are just some.

Happily, our sales partners Dymax have been able to come up with an LED lamp which is practical for curing – the BlueWave LED.

This product is not a drop-in replacement for traditional UV curing lamps, but it does have many applications. What is the difference between an LED visible light curing system and a traditional UV light curing system?

DYMAX BlueWave LED Visible Light Curing Spot Lamp

Categories: adhesives, uv curing