Dispensing of UV adhesives is a subject close to our hearts, so we are pleased to introduce the new IJF DV509-UV-LF Diaphragm Dispensing Valve. This diaphragm valve comes from the same world leading stable at I&J Fisnar as the pneumatic controller which makes this such an easy to use package, especially for UV curing resins. The valve’s high cycling rate of 200 per minute makes it ideal for automated systems in all industries.

The IJF DV509-UV-LF has been specifically constructed to provide shielding from outside light and to reduce metal contact, which can sometimes cause UV resin to gel. The diaphragm itself is opened by pneumatic solenoid and is positively closed by a return spring, thus ensuring precision of operation. Construction of the valve includes a wetted chamber compatible with the flow of low to medium viscosity UV materials which can otherwise prove difficult.

IJF DV509 Dispensing Valve

Categories: dispensing, uv curing