A common requirement popped up again last week – the need to quickly tamperproof some enclosure screws with something which is visible and pretty permanent. Manufacturers want to do this to prevent casual tampering with the innards of their products. Another application is the fixing of the screws of adjustable components, like variable resistors or potentiometers. Dymax 3086-RF seemed to fit this bill perfectly:

    • Very fast cure with UV light


    • Good adhesion to metal and hard plastics


    • When cured, is a hard polymer which is both red in colour and fluorescent


    • Solvent free – not only environmentally sound and safe to use, but no worries about solvents or vapours getting into the product


    • Comes in both free flowing and thick grades

Supplied in a dispensing syringe, it’s easy to apply. Of course, if you want something like this but temporary, one of our UV cured masking products would do the trick.

DYMAX UV Cure Adhesive

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