Our expertise through the adhere program is becoming well known. Sometimes, we get thrown some interesting (if not always profitable!) questions:

I was wondering if it would be possible for you to settle a heated discussion. In which area of the aerospace industry are adhesives used? Is it only composite materials? Or is it also used in the structural aerospace industry? Your knowledge will be greatly appreciated.

The answer is: yes, structurally as well.

When a Scottish helicopter manufacturer needed an adhesive to bond the pre-preg moulded seat chassis they knew that to guarantee safety they had to pick the best performing and most reliable adhesive available. Araldite was the natural choice.

The shaped surfaces of the aluminum to carbon fiber reinforced epoxy (CFRE) joint were strongly bonded with Araldite after a simple preparation of degreasing and abrading of the contact surfaces. The resultant bond was a robust and vibration-resistant. Araldite is one of only a small number of safety-approved products deemed suitable for this high performance situation, and is a first choice for aviation designers in this field.

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