We are now able to supply Practical Components dummy resistors in metric 0402 size for your process development and planning.


Just when you thought chip components of 0201 (.6mm x.3mm) were small, the next wave of miniaturization is upon us.


The smaller a piece of electronic equipment becomes and the more complex its functions, the more extensive are the integration of its circuits. This integration of capacitors and other components into chips stimulates and supports progress in the miniaturization of equipment. For example 200 to 300 chip capacitors are used in a single mobile phone.


These new components are approximately half the size of 0201’s. Standard 0201’s are .6mm x .3mm while the new metric 0402’s are .4 x .2 mm. 0402 Metric components come standard on paper tape and reels 1,000 components. Reel quantity is based on engineering sample quantities. These SMD components, along with advances in mounting technology continue to push the development of more compact components with increasingly advanced functions.


Dummy components catalogue


You can download a copy of the latest Practical Components catalogue from our website, or request a printed copy through the mail.


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