It was exciting to receive e-mail from a satisfied customer:

My order for optical epoxy Opti-tec 5013 arrived. I used it over the past two days to repair an exhibit-quality quartz specimen that had been damaged. It set quickly, so I was able to leave the specimen in a small sand-box for support as it cured. The refractive index of the epoxy is exactly the same as quartz, so the glue lines are totally invisible. As a test, I repaired a broken optical-grade quartz crystal from Mt. Ida, Arkansas. The join is invisible, even in water-clear quartz. I was very upset when the display specimen was broken, but with your epoxy it is completely restored.

We know that mineralogists have used optical epoxy in the past, but based on this feedback, we think we have something superior to offer.

Quartz Crystals
Opti-tec 5013 is used to repair or restore minerals and quartz crystals

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