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Fast, UV Cure
Conformal Coatings

  • Cure in seconds
  • Tack free
  • Solvent free
  • Rigid and flexible coatings
  • Electrically insulating
  • Environmental resistance
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Dymax Conformal Coatings cure tack free in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light to help streamline manufacturing assembly processes. Apply, cure, and ship immediately and eliminate the time-consuming steps of traditional thermal-cure and room temperature-cure conformal coatings. These 100% solvent-free conformal coatings can be applied over the entire surface of a printed circuit board or in discreet areas to provide complete protection from harsh environments. Dymax conformal coatings are available for tin whisker mitigation, humid environments, and shadowed areas.

DYMAX Conformal Coatings - Clear DYMAX Conformal Coatings - Fluorescent Spray application
Clear coatings Fluorescent coatings Spray application

Rigid and flexible coatings are electrically insulating, have high ionic purity and excellent environmental resistance. They exhibit low stress under thermal cycling and adhere well to flex circuit substrates. IPC, MIL Spec I-46058C and UL approved grades, multiple viscosities and ultra fluorescing and black grades are available. Flexible coating for medical electronics passes ISO 10993 testing.

Solvent-free conformal coatings contain low VOCs, eliminating the need for solvent handling, while enhancing worker safety and minimizing environmental impact. Each conformal coating is one part (no mixing required) for easy dispensing.

  • Secondary heat or moisture cure conformal coatings for printed circuit boards with shadowed areas
  • IPC-CC-830 approved, MIL I-46058C listed, ISO 10993 tested
  • No need to rack or dry boards after applying
  • Halogen-Free
  • Multiple viscosities
  • Rigid and flexible versions
  • Clear, fluorescing, and black-colored coatings

Product Selector Guide
Product Application Features
Dymax 9481-E Thin, chemically resistant conformal coatings. Recommended where shadowed conformal coating is present and components can not withstand heat cure. Solvent free; fast light cure; secondary moisture cure over time; moisture cure provides room temperature cure for coating entrapped in shadowed areas; thin, rigid coating provides chemical and abrasion resistance; IPC-CC-830 approved; MIL-I-46058 listed and UL recognized
Dymax 9482 Reworkable, chemically resistant; Recommended where shadow is present and components cannot withstand heat cure Solvent free; fast light cure; secondary moisture cure over time; moisture cure provides room temperature cure for coating entrapped in shadowed areas; engineered for coating thicknesses up to 0.254 mm (0.010 in); demonstrates excellent re-workability and thermal cycling properties; mitigates tin whiskers
Dymax 984-LVUF Highly fluorescing for easy inspection; for densely populated circuit boards requiring shadow cure Hard; clear; fluorescing; environmentally resistant; tack-free surface; IPC, UL and MIL Spec approved; moderately low viscosity; cures by UV light and secondarily with heat
Dymax 987 Thin, chemically resistant conformal coatings. Recommended for difficult-to-wet components and assembly materials. Solvent free; fast light cure; secondary heat cure; thin, rigid conformal coating provides chemical and abrasion resistance; lower surface energy provides enhanced wetting to components and assembly materials; isocyanate free; IPC-CC-830 approved and MIL-I-46058 listed
Dymax 9-20557 Forms tough, clear circuit encapsulant upon exposure to longwave UV/visible light; excellent for encapsulating, potting, sealing and bonding Flexible; resists yellowing, vibration, impact and thermal shock; excellent adhesion to most soldermasks/resists and pcb materials; fluorescing; secondary heat cure capability; recommended for use with no-clean solder flux
Dymax 9-20557-LV Thin, flexible conformal coatings Solvent free; fast light cure; secondary heat cure; low viscosity is compatible with most types of spray equipment; low modulus for thermal excursions enhances thermal shock performance; isocyanate free; IPC-CC-830 approved and MIL-I-46058 listed
Dymax 1901-M Coating for medical electronics, sealing, moisture barrier. Adheres to glass, FR-4, metal, ceramic, glass-filled epoxy, CAP, PS, TPU and Al Can be cured with LED UV curing lamps; flame retardant; solvent free; repairable; suitable for both flexible and rigid substrates; ISO 10993 tested
Dymax 9-20351-UR Flexible; engineered thickness between 50 microns and 0.5 mm, may be applied thinner Solvent free; fast light cure; Ultra-Redâ„¢ fluorescing; isocyanate free; suitable for some types of spray equipment; secondary heat cure; low VOC; high viscosity for selective application of thick coating optimized for wetting high profile leads; low modulus allows it to excel in thick coating applications where thermal shock performance is critical; halogen-free
Dymax 9451 Thin protective black coating; true black material specially formulated to cure with heat in applications where shadowed areas exist; excellent for hiding components and pcb features UV/Visible light cure in seconds; secondary heat cure for shadowed areas; true black conformal coating; designed for thin coatings; one-part coating - no mixing required

Other Information
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