Low outgassing conformal coating

Dymax 9771 meets ASTM E595, MIl-I-46058C and MIL-STD 883



Coat, cure and protect in seconds

Provide lasting protection to critical printed circuit board assemblies in aerospace and defence applications, including missiles and satellites, at ASTM E595, MIl-I-46058C and MIL-STD 883 standards.

Low outgassing 9771

Low outgassing

Dymax 9771 low ionic content

Low ionic content

Dymax 9771 cures in seconds under UV

Cures in seconds

Flame resistant Dymax 9771

Flame resistant

Very low outgassing

Cleaner PCB assemblies are achieved during extreme conditions thanks to ASTM E595 certification for outgassing.

Low ionic content

Dymax 9771 passes Mil-Std 883 tests for thermal stability and filler content via thermogravimetric analysis, specific ion content, total ionic content, hydrogen ion content (pH), and volume resistivity.

High-density boards? No problem

Cureable with UV light, 9771 also features a secondary moisture cure mechanism to ensure all material, including any that flows underneath components on a PCB, fully cures.

One of a kind coating

Military and defence product manufacturers finally have a conformal coating which meets both the required standards ASTM E595 & MIL-STD 883 and appears on NASA’s MAPTIS register of approved materials.

Read the technical data

Download Dymax 9771’s datasheet for detailed technical specifications and features.

Shielding from the usual suspects

Provides excellent corrosion resistance and protection from fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Aids coverage validation

Patented blue fluorescing tracer allows in-line quality inspection before and after cure.



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