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Polytec PT

Polytec PT Selector Guide

Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives

Polytec PT offers a range of high technology adhesive products for micro-electronics, hybrid circuits, chip-on-board (COB), LEDs, component manufacture, displays, flexible circuitry, shielding, medical devices and optics/optoelectronics.

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Liquidyn Precision Jetting Valves

LIQUIDYN Jetting Valves for ultra high speed, micro-dispensing

LIQUIDYN’s leading edge jetting technology brings multiple benefits of speed and the ability to apply ultra-low volume deposits of materials.

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preeflow eco-DUO450 two-component precision volumetric

preeflow eco-DUO450 precision dispensing

The preeflow eco-DUO 450 is a two-component precision volumetric, positive displacement, dosing/mixing/dispensing system that gives you accuracy and repeatability.

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DYMAX LED-curable medical device adhesive

DYMAX LED-curable medical device adhesive

Introducing a new adhesive for fast, on-demand curing with the new Dymax BlueWave LED Prime UVA spot-curing lamp. Designed for use in the manufacture of medical devices such as oxygenators, blood pumps, tube sets, port fittings and drug delivery devices.

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Fisnar F5200N Benchtop Gantry Robot

The F5200N is a compact and economically priced gantry robot

All moving axes are above the workpiece. The F5200N Unitop™ is suitable for any platform requiring a gantry type mounting providing open access under the robot.

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Dispensing kit

Dispensing Component Kit

Universal dispensing component kit

A universal Dispensing Kit containing a selection of 5cc and 30cc barrels, and a variety of different dispensing tips of different sizes and styles.

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