Squeeze Jet Dispenser for Low Viscosity Liquids

IDM 7500

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About Squeeze Jet Dispenser for Low Viscosity Liquids

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The IDM 7500 Squeeze Jet dispenser is an inexpensive dispenser for low viscosity liquids like cyanoacrylates, superglues, inks, solvents, oils, soldering fluxes and adhesives. It comes complete with a luer lock fitting, which accepts a wide range of different dispensing needles and tips, suitable for different materials and dispensing applications.

The Squeeze Jet is supplied on its own, or in a kit with a selection of dispensing needles and tips. Needles and tips are available separately.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily controlled amounts by finger pressure, from large to minute
  • Variable amounts are provided by a combination of finger tip control, and by selection from a wide range of luer lock dispensing tips (available separately) which can be easily attached to the luer lock output fitting – simply screw on
  • The IDM 7500 Squeeze Jets’s vacuum action sucks back any drips of excess liquid
  • Approx 30ml capacity

Directions for Use

The IDM 7500 Squeeze Jet is filled by:

  1. Fit a dispensing tip
  2. Squeeze out all the air
  3. Dip the tip into the required fluid
  4. Release the pressure on the Squeeze Jet – the vacuum action fills the Squeeze Jet simply and cleanly


  1. Remove luer lock fitting and carefully pour in liquid

Ordering Information

Part number Description
Click here to buy on intertronics.shop
Squeeze Jet
includes luer lock fitting, sealing tip cap
Click here to buy on intertronics.shop
Squeeze Jet Kit
includes 1 Squeeze Jet, 2 tip caps, 2 each dispensing needles in 25 gauge, 21 gauge, 18 gauge and 15 gauge, 2 smooth flow tapered tips
IDM 7500 Squeeze Jet dispenser kit
Squeeze Jet Kit


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