Solder Masking Dots and Tape, Masking for Soldering & Conformal Coating

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About Solder Masking Dots and Tape, Masking for Soldering & Conformal Coating

Designed for masking component holes or areas on PCBs during wave soldering or conformal coating, these pressure sensitive masking discs will withstand a five to eight second exposure to molten solder at 250°C. There is no adhesive transfer when the discs are removed, the rubber-based adhesive containing no silicones. Discs should be removed before solvent cleaning. Solder Masking Dots are available in 51 diameters as standard, from 3mm. Special die-cut shapes, either rectangular or any irregular shape can also be manufactured on request.

The special impregnation of the discs will not allow most conformal coatings or varnishes to adhere or wet. Consequently Solder Masking Dots are excellent masks for this purpose, allowing easy removal and a well defined mask area.

Die-cut discs eliminate the need for tedious cutting of masking tape by hand (especially for smaller areas) and will speed up production accordingly. No curing is required. Dots up to 50mm diameter are in a continuous string of overlapping discs for ease of application – peeling off one disc releases the next off the lining paper.

INT 119 Solder Masking Tape is the same material but in a roll form.

Features & Benefits

  • Solder and conformal coating maskingINT119 solder masking tape
  • Non-silicone, high temperature adhesive
  • Available in die-cut discs and tape rolls of various widths
  • No curing time
  • No residue
  • Available ex-stock


Temperature resistance 165°C for 1.5 hrs, 250°C short term
Material Impregnated paper
Colour Natural buff
Adhesive Synthetic rubber resin
Thickness 0.18 mm

Ordering Information

Part number Description
Masking Dots
INTSMD-003 Solder Masking Dots – 3.2mm diameter, 5,000 per roll
INTSMD-005 Solder Masking Dots – 4.8mm diameter, 5,000 per roll
INTSMD-006 Solder Masking Dots – 6.4mm diameter, 5,000 per roll
INTSMD-008 Solder Masking Dots – 7.9mm diameter, 5,000 per roll
INTSMD-009 Solder Masking Dots – 9.5mm diameter, 5,000 per roll
INTSMD-011 Solder Masking Dots – 11.1mm diameter, 5,000 per roll
INTSMD-012 Solder Masking Dots – 12.7mm diameter, 5,000 per roll
INTSMD-014 Solder Masking Dots – 14.4mm diameter, 5,000 per roll
INTSMD-015 Solder Masking Dots – 15.9mm diameter, 5,000 per roll
INTSMD-018 Solder Masking Dots – 17.6mm diameter, 4,000 per roll
INTSMD-019 Solder Masking Dots – 19.1mm diameter, 4,000 per roll
INTSMD-022 Solder Masking Dots – 22.4mm diameter, 2,000 per roll
INTSMD-025 Solder Masking Dots – 25.4mm diameter, 2,000 per roll
INTSMD-050 Solder Masking Dots – 50.8mm diameter, 500 per roll
40 other diameters (up to 153mm) are available – please enquire about prices for your exact requirements
Masking Tapes
INT119-006 Solder Masking Tape – 6.4mm width x 55m long
INT119-009 Solder Masking Tape – 9.5mm width x 55m long
INT119-012 Solder Masking Tape – 12.7mm width x 55m long
INT119-015 Solder Masking Tape – 15.9mm width x 55m long
INT119-019 Solder Masking Tape – 19.1mm width x 55m long
INT119-025 Solder Masking Tape – 25.4mm width x 55m long
INT119-038 Solder Masking Tape – 38.1mm width x 55m long
INT119-050 Solder Masking Tape – 50.8mm width x 55m long


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