Opti-tec 4200 Optically Clear Polyurethane Encapsulant & Potting Compound

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About Opti-tec 4200 Optically Clear Polyurethane Encapsulant & Potting Compound

Opti-tec™ 4200 is a clear, water-white polyurethane resin designed for the encapsulation of electronics, LEDs, electrical products and other items where high transparency and aesthetics are important. Opti-tec 4200 optically clear potting compound has excellent non-yellowing colour stability, due to the incorporation of both UV resistant base materials and the addition of UV stabilisers and antioxidants.

Opti-tec 4200 is used for a range of applications from high value LED panels to decorative giftware (e.g. flower impregnation). It is also an excellent resin for the doming of badges, labels and decals.

Opti-tec 4200 is available in a harder version (Opti-tec 4210) and a translucent milky-white version (Opti-tec 4220).


Features & Benefits

  • Clear, water-white, non-yellowing
  • Excellent long term UV stability
  • Scratch and mark resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to mix and process
  • Very low viscosity
  • Excellent penetration and air release properties
  • Low shrinkage
  • Low exotherm


  • Protection of LEDs – LED bars, LED arrays, luminaires
  • LED potting or LED encapsulation
  • Electronics potting
  • Dome coating of labels and badges
  • High quality, clear casting


OPT4200 application 600px    OPT4200 application 2 600 px


Typical properties Mixed Resin Hardener
Colour Clear Clear Clear
Specific gravity (g/ml) 1.11 1.06 1.16
Viscosity mPa.s @ 25°C 600 600 600
Mix ratio by weight 0.92:1
Mix ratio by volume 1:1
Pot life 10 minutes
Gel time 20 minutes
Tack free cure 40 minutes
Minimum cure schedule 36 hours @ 20-25°C
4 hours @ 40°C
2 hours @ 60°C
* typical values – will vary according to mass, film thickness and application. Higher cure temperatures will result in greater cure shrinkage and exotherm.
Cured properties
Shore hardness A75
Operating temperature (application & geometry dependent) -55 to +120°C
Thermal conductivity < 0.21 W/mK
Tensile strength ~ 15 mPa
Elongation at break 100%
Coefficient of linear expansion 100-150 pp/m°C
Volume resistivity < 1.3 x 1012 ohm.cm
Surface resistivity < 1.4 x 1012 ohm
Dielectric strength 20 kV/mm
Water absorption 1.17% (30 days @ 25°C)
Refractive index 1.47-1.48
Opti-tec 4200 is RoHS compliant and contains 0% REACH SVHC

Opti-tec 4200, 7020, 5012 transmission
Optical transmission of Opti-tec 4200, Opti-tec 7020, Opti-tec 5012


Safety Data Sheets
For the latest SDS for this product, please e-mail msds@intertronics.co.uk

Ordering Information

Opti-tec 4200 is available in convenient side-by-side double syringe cartridges, twinpack sachets and bulk packaging.

Click here for twinpack mixing instructions.


Part number Description
OPT4200-50G Clear Polyurethane Encapsulant – 50 gram double syringe cartridge
IDM805001 Syringe Gun – for 50g cartridges
OPT4200-200G Clear Polyurethane Encapsulant – 200 gram double syringe cartridge
OPT4200-250G Clear Polyurethane Encapsulant – 250 gram twinpack sachet
OPT4200-1KG Clear Polyurethane Encapsulant – 1 kilogram kit

For best results, store away from strong oxidising agents, strong acids and strong bases. Store in a cool, well-ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed and keep in original packaging.


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